Project Description

It has been a busy year for everyone having to adapt to a new way of living, seeing family, friends and getting on with business. The value of communication tools such as Zoom have been instrumental to adjusting, and I am excited to announce a new technology innovation that streamlines the house buying and selling process.

The innovation is – the hub for everyone involved in a property transaction. The site offers a transparent collaboration platform for buyers, sellers, real estate agents, lawyers, bankers, mortgage brokers and all other associated participants to communicate, share documents, and have real-time access to the deal. is the source for knowing when conditions are fulfilled, the deal is unconditional, settled and when the keys can be released.

Collaborate with a secure document sharing tool, see a real-time progress bar that tracks the status of your deal, receive instant email and SMS notifications when the deal progresses and much more. Keytrack aims to simplify the entire buying and selling process from end-to-end, on a global scale, and our product roadmap is full of value-add features like biometric ID verification and instant messenger with your advisors.

It is an understatement to say that Keytrack has come a long way from the original platform. We are tackling the inefficiency and transparency problems that exist for everyone in the deal. We are going big and we are going global. I am excited that Howick, Pakuranga, and Botany clients will be some of the first in the world to experience the Keytrack way, and the Keytrack difference.

Fencible Law is firmly focused on innovation and putting our clients first and we will be rolling out Keytrack for you in October/November 2020.